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7/30/2012- 11:21AM

I think it is fitting that my first blog post be the date and time. I started this blog to express what needs to be expressed. I find myself in a sad situation, where I don’t believe I have any actual friends, or anyone who would actually notice if I weren’t around. No, this is not a suicide blog. It might seem a bit depressing at times, but that’s life. So, at least for a little while. I’m testing my theory. I’m not contacting anyone to see if anyone contacts me. I work as an assistant to someone, and frequently I get people who need me to relay messages, so I don’t count that as “I wanted to talk to you.” I don’t want to force people to be my friends, and I’m fairly certain that every relationship I have (that isn’t bonded through blood), is a one way relationship. I don’t know how this happened, but it did. So I’m going to start with testing my hypothesis. For at least a week, I won’t be initiating contact… with anyone. Give me strength.


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